Crystal Ball in the 2020/2021 season

We are only days away from the start of the competition in Wisła! While waiting for competition, we invite you to get familiar with the interview given to us by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee at the Adam Małysz ski jump.

SUPERSNOW: How do you evaluate the state of preparations for the inauguration of the World Cup?
Andrzej Wąsowicz: It has been definitely the quietest since we started the inaugurations of the season. We started spreading the produced snow much earlier. The weather conditions were also favorable. Cooperation with the Supersnow company was also excellent, whose employees supervised the production of snow on an ongoing basis, and Mr. Pokrywka also participated in all decisions regarding the preparation of the ski jump in Wisła Malinka. We don't want to brag about it in advance, because the last days are still ahead of us, but it looks like we are in a much better situation than in previous years.

SUPERSNOW: How did the pandemic affect the organization of the competition?
Andrzej Wąsowicz: Unfortunately, the pandemic has its mark on both the qualitative and economic rate. Due to the lack of fans on the ski jump, this Cup will be definitely different from the others. We hope that this is the last event that we organize on the ski jump in Wisła with empty stands. Besides, coordinating COVID regulations across Europe - primarily regarding transit and quarantine rules for individual teams - was a real challenge. Fortunately, we tested this system at the FIS Grand Prix and Continental Cup during the summer season.

SUPERSNOW: What, in your opinion, is the biggest disadvantage of this situation, apart from the obvious lack of fans?
Andrzej Wąsowicz: The lack of fans is definitely the biggest one. There are also positives because we assume that more fans will sit in front of TV sets.

SUPERSNOW: Is it possible to postpone the World Cup in Wisła (in next years) and is it a good option for you?
Andrzej Wąsowicz: In the 2021/22 season, the World Cup in Wisła entered the calendar at the beginning of December. It is a safer term in terms of temperatures, the chance of less rainfall, and favorable wind conditions. Of course, we still cannot imagine the organization of the competition without the use of All-weather-snow machine.

SUPERSNOW: What was the process of preparing the ski jump for the competition?
Andrzej Wąsowicz: In fact, very similar to the previous years. The two main differences are the inability to organize stationary meetings of the Organizing Committee and another independent of us - restrictions. Activities regarding the World Cup have already been undertaken since June, and the first test of the new rules was the FIS Grand Prix and Continental Cup competitions. Then, after the analysis, we made appropriate adjustments. Every Monday we took part in videoconferences with the participation of representatives of the International Ski Federation, reporting emerging problems and the current situation. We also started spreading snow earlier concerning previous years. Thanks to this, our jumpers can test the ski jumps two days before the competition.

SUPERSNOW: What would you compare to the breakthrough in ski jumping which was the introduction of technical snow production technology?
Andrzej Wąsowicz: It's hard for me to find a similar comparison. This is definitely a change that allows us to extend the ski season and provides some peace for the organizers. I think that along with the further development of technology, it is also a very interesting solution for ski resorts, which can significantly facilitate the snowing of slopes and reduce the risk of closing the resort at crucial moments.

SUPERSNOW: What is your best memory related to Adam Małysz ski jump?
Andrzej Wąsowicz: Each of the successes of our jumpers. All wins, all podiums. Especially those with the full support of fans.

SUPERSNOW: What result of our jumpers are you counting on?
Andrzej Wąsowicz: It's hard to define the form of other representations. The preparatory period was one of the most difficult so far. Of course, because of the epidemic. I have seen the form of our representatives and I am confident about their form. We will fight for the highest places.

SUPERSNOW: Who will get the Crystal Ball this season?
Andrzej Wąsowicz: It is very difficult to define the favorite because it is not known if all the competitors will be able to take part in the full competition. Here, epidemiological issues can decide. And the list of favorites includes Kraft, Kobayashi, Kamil Stoch, and Dawid Kubacki.