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Beginnings of today's Supersnow – foundation of the company
Production of the first snow gun: SN 900
Establishment of Supersnow Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company)
Opening of a state of the art factory of innovative snow guns in Maniowy
Transformation into Supersnow S.A. (joint-stock company)
World premiere of year-round snowmaking machines: All Weather Snow 110
Opening of Supersnow GmbH branch in Roppen (Tyrol, Austria)
Opening of Supersnow ISR branch in Sibiu (Romania)
2000Beginnings of today's SUPERSNOW– foundation of the company2005Production of the firstsnow gun: SN 9002012Establishment of SUPERSNOW Sp. z o.o.(limited liability company)2015Opening of a state of the artfactory of innovative snowguns in Maniowy2015Transformation intoSUPERSNOW S.A.(joint-stock company)2016World premiere of year-roundsnowmaking machines:All Weather Snow 1102017Opening of SUPERSNOW GmbHbranch in Roppen (Tyrol, Austria)2019Opening of SUPERSNOW ISRbranch in Sibiu (Romania)