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Research and Development (R&D)

Research and Development (R&D)

Introducing innovations is a long and tedious process, based on experience, technical solutions and commitment of a team of experts. The key to creating an innovative product is constant and unwavering cooperation between all company departments, and most of all the Customer Service Department and Sales Staff who measure customer needs on a daily basis. It is the customers who outline the objectives of innovation and are its inseparable component.

Tasks of the innovation department

Investment preparation consists of many important elements and none should be skipped. SUPERSNOW has been developing for over twenty years with the conviction that rigorous research and contact with the customer are of key importance when creating the most advanced technologies. The Research and Development Department has been established for the purposes of development.

Our research and development staff conduct research with respect to:

  • liquid and gas flow;
  • thermodynamics;
  • refrigeration;
  • material removal processes;
  • welding technology;
  • PLC programming;
  • graphic design;
  • 3D modelling and many other fields of technology that allow the creation of a refined product.

Presence in the company

Work of the Innovation Department is closely linked to the implementation of new solutions and their promotion on the market. Employees of this department conduct projects from the idea to the end of life of a product, i.e. from concept sketches through implementation and production to after-sales product care. The best solutions, tailored to the needs of our future and current customers, are created based on research and tests as well as extensive interdepartmental cooperation.