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Retention reservoirs

Retention reservoirs

Alternative for ski resorts

SUPERSNOW's retention reservoirs are an excellent alternative for ski resorts having trouble with the intake of water.

Research and development

SUPERSNOW has been gaining experience in the construction of retention reservoirs for many years. For many years, a team of qualified experts at Supersnow has been conducting research into new technologies that allow continual improvement of our retention reservoirs.

Designed from scratch

Each reservoir is designed individually and from scratch – so as to meet the highest demands of customers. SUPERSNOW's reservoirs are sealed using an EPDM Firestone geomembrane, which makes them extremely resistant to any external factors. Each retention reservoir by SUPERSNOW is fenced and equipped with a special aeration system which prevents water from freezing.

Caring about the environment

In addition to supplying a ski station with appropriate quantity of water, a retention reservoir by SUPERSNOW positively affects the natural environment – it reduces or eliminates altogether disturbances of water circulation in nature.

Innovative cooling method

Water freezing in a reservoir adversely affects the operation of a snowmaking system. Ice being forming on the surface of the reservoir is an insulator and prevents cooling of water located below it. The optimum temperature of water for snowmaking is 0–2°C. Warm water found under the ice surface reduces snowmaking capabilities by as many as several dozen percent.

We have developed a method of cooling water and preventing freezing of the surface by aerating the reservoir. Air is pumped into the reservoir through a piping system. As a result, the water is set into motion. It does not freeze on the surface, whereas ripples in the water surface increase the contact surface with cold air. As a result, more heat escapes to the atmosphere.