There is an interview with one of our technician who is responsible for southern Polish market. As the summer starts and it’s the time of the year when services after the winter are mostly carried out, the pace of work is slowing down so our service technician found some time to talk with us.

SUPERSNOW: Is your job also your passion? Why service department? What makes you smiling every time you start the day, despite the time of hard, physical work you do? You have one of the most difficult function in the company.

RAFAŁ: Working In service department is demanding, but it gives a lot of satisfaction. We currently provide services both at the customer's place and on the company's place. We check individual elements, lubricate, replace worn parts. Summer is the time the machines should be fully prepared  for the next winter. And you can't be scared to get dirty. There is no place for manicures and hand creams. Sometimes you need to be tough as old boots and show strength at work.

SUPERSNOW: What's the winter day like? A day in the middle of the high season?

RAFAŁ: Time. This is the most important thing before and during the winter. There are really busy days and there is no room for mistakes. You need to act quickly and decisively! The Snowline person takes the note. Sometimes the person can help right away. However, if there is a need to provide a service technician, we get guidelines, sit in the car and go! The Snowline dispatcher has a view of the whole team, so he plans the days and weeks so that we can work as soon as possible.

SUPERSNOW: You  have mentioned about SNOWLINE24. In what words would you describe its work? Do customers like this form of communication?

RAFAŁ: SNOWLINE24 - quick, helpful and always ready! It works from November 1 to March 31 for 24 hours / day. We all know how important it is that during the winter season the snowmaking equipment works without unnecessary breaks. I can't imagine winter without Snowline24! Sometimes customers call Snowline24 to let them know that they have dealt with a problem. They want to share this fact with us!

SUPERSNOW: Are all departments of the SUPERSNOW company also important?

RAFAŁ: There must be good cooperation between all: constructors, fitters, controllers, sales representatives, service or the office workers itself so that the organization works and brings the intended results.

SUPERSNOW: How could you summarize your job position choice?

RAFAŁ: Working at SUPERSNOW was a new experience for me. Previously, my professional activity was only in the field of mechanics, which is very much connected with what I currently do. Commitment to work brings positive results and makes everyone happy. I enjoy this work!