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Based on years of experience, we have created a product that aspires to be the best in its class from the very first day. It was inspired by the nature unusual phenomenon of virga – precipitation that evaporates over the ground. Virga SUPERSNOW, unlike the natural one, allows atomized water droplets freely falling on the ground to transform into a layer of snow with a unique structure, thus creating ideal conditions on the slopes.

VIRGA lance head

VIRGA lance head

The most important design element of the lance is equipped with a numer of solutions that make VIRGA a device that guarantees the highest quality of produced snow for years.

Self-cleaning system of nucleation nozzle filters based on using the inlet holes to take dust and other impurities into the water nozzles along with the water stream, thereby protecting the filters and nucleation nozzles from contamination.

Heating support by water is made possible by the fact that the nucleation and each water section are filled by water during operation, so the heat extracted from the liquid is used to increase the temperature of the aluminum body.

Water assembly heated by flowing water. Water from the filter chamber must flow through each section of the water unit before it reaches the head. The constantly flowing water heats the water parts and valves and prevents icing.

The innovative design of the nucleated water filter created from bronze is characterized primarily by a smaller number of parts, which inturn affects the lower probability of leakage outside the filter.

Lance performance depending on head configuration

Lance performance depending on head configuration

Head type


Maximum water flow

85 l/min180 l/min330 l/min


Water and valve assembly

Water and valve assembly

The general idea in designing this valve block was to take advantage of the heat and pressure of the water that is supplied to the device.

Advantages of the design:

  • reducing energy consumption
  • using thermal energy from water
  • using the energy (pressure) of water to control valves.

VIRGA lance profile lengths

L [m]Alfa min [degrees]


Alfa max [degrees]


B min [m]B max [m]A min [m]A max [m]


  • Number of water sections 4
  • Number of adjustment steps 8
  • Number of nucleation sections 1
  • Number of water jets 12
  • Number of nucleation nozzles 3
  • Working water pressure 15-50 bar
  • Maximum water flow 330 l/min
  • Maximum air flow 205 l/min
  • Operating air pressure (central air) 7 bar
  • Maximum snow production 55 m³/h
  • Weight of 10 m profile with head and water unit 90 kg
  • Weight of 8 m profile with head and water unit 78 kg
  • Weight of 6 m profile with head and water unit 66 kg
  • Swivel base weight 32 kg
  • Base weight per foundation 27 kg
  • Weight of base for foundation well 41 kg
  • Lance support profile 40 kg
  • Compressor with mounting plate 55 kg
  • Electrical box 20 kg
  • Hydraulic cylinder 20 kg
  • Head height above ground for lance with profile 10 m 11 m
  • Head height above ground for lance with profile 8 m 9,3 m
  • Head height above ground for lance with profile 6 7,5 m
  • Nominal power consumption (central air 0,35 kW
    - control system 0,35 kW
  • Nominal power consumption (with reciprocating compressor) 1,85 kW
    - control system 0,35 kW
    - reciprocating compressor 1,5 kW
  • Heating 360 W
  • Water jets of stainless steel
  • Nucleating nozzles made of brass and stainless steel
  • Filter type slotted filter
  • Water filter slot 300 μm
  • Standard electrical plug 16A 5 pin
  • Snow density range 330-870 g/l
  • Wet thermometer temperature at the start of operation -1,5°C
  • Profile tilt range 30°-60°
  • Range of rotation 360°
  • Snowmaking distance ca.15 m