The 24th International Ski Area Test, under the direction of Klaus Hönigsberger from sb&t Magazine, was the perfect moment to present the new cooperation between HYDROSNOW and SUPERSNOW, among the international audience represented by ski resorts from Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland.

With innovative technologies and highly qualified employees, HYDROSNOW and SUPERSNOW want to establish themselves as the best complete supplier on the market. For this purpose, HYDROSNOW will take over the distribution of SUPERSNOW snow guns for the provinces of Carinthia, Styria, Lower Austria and Vienna with immediate effect, while SUPERSNOW in the German-speaking Alpine regions will rely on HYDROSNOW's experience in industrial installations engineering. Thus, both companies complement each other technologically. HYDROSNOW has always been considered the top address for high-quality snowmaking equipment, while SUPERSNOW and its snowmaking machines score above all in terms of low energy consumption, very good snow quality and reliability.

In addition to the technical arguments, there are also strategic reasons which characterize the cooperation. These include the many years of experience of both companies in the respective field, the best market knowledge, as well as a flexible and very personal customer approach. The fact that all salespeople and service employees come directly from the industry and have decades of experience in the mountains, in snowmaking or slope preparation, should help the cooperation to rapid success.

Managing Director of HYDROSNOW, Gerhard Fladenhofer has been involved in the construction of pumping stations and snowmaking systems for decades. HYDROSNOW plans and realizes complete systems. This includes the design, planning and construction of snowmaking systems, pumping stations, compressor stations, cooling tower systems and water tanks, as well as the municipal water supply and the construction of small hydropower plants are among the range of services of HYDROSNOW.

Thanks to the construction of a new manufactory in St. Barbara / Mürztal (A), in the summer of 2018, it was also possible to take the production into their own hands. Through its dynamic expansion the company employs 26 people.

In the picture from left: Oskar Schenk, Damian Piotr Dziubasik (SUPERSNOW), Tanja Wiltschnigg und Gerhard Fladenhofer (HYDROSNOW).