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Snowmaking under control

Snowmatic is a computer system for snowmaking management, prepared specifically in line with the needs of every customer. The system is intended to handle automatic snow guns and pumping stations. The software facilitates operation of the whole automatic snowmaking system as well as allows preview and control of devices. Using the programme, the user can turn on/off and set all parameters of each snow gun as well as control its work during snowmaking.

Smart control

Smart control

The software can control machine performance, allows remote control of all snowmaking infrastructure elements: snow guns, lances and pumping stations as well as weather stations, compressors, cooling towers and water reservoirs. With Snowmatic, one can remotely start and stop snow guns, check the conditions of their operation, e.g. water pressure/temperature, monitor the status of their operation, i.e. turning on, stopping, waiting for weather conditions, etc. as well as change snowmaking parameters, e.g. snow quality setting.

Automatic and manual modes

In the automatic mode, Snowmatic takes control over all aspects of the snowmaking process. Snow guns and pump stations can be turned on at specific times of day, with the system managing water and energy consumption. In the manual mode, it supports the staff and helps in conducting of the snowmaking process from the control room, minimising time-consuming activities and the need to go out and work on the slope at the machine. Snowmatic also provides management with information on the subject of snowmaking process and resources consumption.


In addition to system monitoring, the software runs real-time statistics of weather conditions, water parameters and events. One can connect to the automatic snowmaking system via the Internet. Snowmaking system management can take place from anywhere in the world.


Snowmatic runs on a PC which is also used as an operator station. All snow guns and pump stations have a controller that is responsible for their operation. Those controllers are connected to the Snowmatic computer in a computer network. The network can be a wired network (i.e. Ethernet or fibre-optic cable) or a wireless one. Snowmatic uses the network to communicate with each snow gun and pump station as well as with other elements of the infrastructure which support network operation.